Staying in balance

There’s a lot of demands on our time these days. Whether you are Gen Y (aka Millenial), Gen X or another generation in the workforce; we have busy lives.

How does one stay in balance when there are so many competing forces knocking us off balance? Here are a 3 quick tips that I’ve come up with. Please add yours in the comments below.

1. Know your priorities
If you don’t know what needs to get done this week and how to prioritize it, you’re swimming in quicksand. If you want to stay afloat, then be sure you have clearly identified priorities along with any due dates. Make sure you use a comprehensive calendar, so you can see both your personal and professional lives. Sometimes we don’t have a say in what takes highest priority, depending on circumstances at work. However, we can control how we react to the situation and determine best course. Identifying priorities and associated tasks and timelines will help you be realistic in assessing what’s happening in your life.

2. Think you can’t delegate, you’re wrong!
Delegation is one of the secret skills I’ve learned along the way to help myself stay in balance. I used to be one of those workers who felt that if I let any piece of my work go, it put me at risk of losing either my job or potentially moving ahead in my career. The biggest a-ha moment was realizing that successful people delegate and delegate often. Delegation isn’t limited to work. You can barter to have work done that needs done, hire out someone to help you (this doesn’t always have to be expensive either), and to get things done. True story: I once got an important task done that I needed another department’s help with by just bringing in some homemade dessert. Respect and appreciation go a long way. In a work setting – Be thankful, tell their boss how much their staff member rocks, and remember that they have an IOU they can call in at a later date.

3. No is not a dirty word.
Another thing I’ve learned through my career. Being a “Yes Man” or in this case a “Yes Woman”, doesn’t equate promotions or a good working environment. You know why? You are bound to take on TOO MUCH and then have to backtrack or make mistakes. Basically knowing priorities and delegation options do make this a no brainer. Understand what’s on your plate before taking on more. And if you are a good manager (or have a good manager), you’ll respect your staff members for being honest.

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