What is the value of an ASQ membership?

I’ve come to realize through the years that the value of an ASQ membership can be substantial, but it’s really up to you to realize it. If you put your effort into making the most out of what ASQ can offer, I promise that the yearly investment is worth it. When I think back to when I first got my membership back in 2004, it was to get discounts on training courses and certifications. Fast forward more than seven years and now my ASQ membership is something I cannot do without.

As a young professional, having the access to training, conferences and certifications during my first couple of years as a member was the foundation I needed to grow in both my professional and personal life. I quickly decided that I wanted to give back to the ASQ Community as a member leader. My decision to volunteer was a turning point in my relationship with ASQ.

Prior to that point, my dues were paid yearly. I was able to obtain my CQIA and CQPA certifications, in addition to taking several great classroom based courses. The instructor led courses opened my eyes to something I had never really experienced at that point in my career. There were others like me! Others who loved soaking up the learning – whether it was about Quality Management, PDCA cycles or Root Causes Analysis. I was lucky to have both the financial and personal support from my then manager and employer.

But it wasn’t until I started becoming an active member leader was when things really started coming together. I became part of a larger effort, and was able to give back my time and energy into growing the quality community. I can directly link the success I’ve had in my career back to the networking that ASQ has provided, and the leadership skills that I’ve been able to foster in several member leader roles. As I came across challenges in my career, I’ve been able to reach out to a vast network of people. Without my involvement in ASQ, this would not be possible.

My advice to young professionals is that if you break the cost of membership down on a monthly basis, you are spending the cost of 2 or 3 coffee drinks to expand your networking, mentorship and learning opportunities. Membership dues are going up as of 7/1, so why not ? For college students, a student membership is only $26!

If you would like to ask me any questions about my membership experience, please feel free to add your question in the comments. If you are already a member, I’d also invite you to comment on your member experience.

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