Life after OTTC: Post Conference Best Practices

You spent a week in Orlando, networked until your head was spinning (or that could have been The Hulk ride), and crammed so much new info into your brain that you don’t think you could retain one more piece of knowledge.

Now what? Before you go and start answering the several hundred work emails queued up; do these three things to ensure that you maximize your time spent at OTTC.

1. Organize your business cards received and make a formal connection

Nothing is worse than digging through your work drawers, finding your prior year OTTC lanyard stuffed with business cards. These are valuable contacts! Peer networking is one of the best ways that you can further your solution and implement process improvements. What I suggest is sending a short email or LinkedIn invite that is personalized with how you met, and that you look forward to further discussing how to share best practices with them.

2. Organize your notes from the conference

Whether you scribbled down your ideas on a notepad or an iPad – now is the time to put these down in a simple matrix for further reference

I categorize mine as Tip/Trick, Enhancement or New

Tip/Trick – something I learned that can help me/my team right away without much involvement

Enhancement – something that we can implement somewhat easily, but with other resources help

New – totally new process or module to research

I also add a follow up column for notes and resource column if there’s someone else I need to involve. It’s a simple way to keep track of your ideas and identify what you are able to implement or improve as a result of attending the conference.

3. Be a Hero and share your knowledge

Others in your company use OnBase, but you were sent to the conference. Don’t keep that knowledge to yourself. Schedule out some time on your calendar for next week after you’ve  been able to access the presentations that are most relevant to the line of business. Schedule some short meetings with your manager, peers and team. Tailor your meetings to what is most relevant to them (i.e. Tips and Tricks for your team, Enhancements and New ideas for your peers and manager)

Tip: Before the meeting with your manager, be prepared to discuss what the investment might be and how you see a return on investment. If you don’t have the information, keep your meeting brief and let them know what research you are undertaking and who you are working with. Involve your OnBase Solution Provider and/or point of contact at work who acts as a liasion within your institution.

By doing these things, you can maximize the time and money spent for you to attend the conference. This will make it much easier to show the value add you are providing your organization by attending OTTC. This will secure your ability to get approval to attend OTTC in 2013. You don’t want to miss the Mandalay Bay Beach Party, do you?

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2 Responses to Life after OTTC: Post Conference Best Practices

  1. Great advice. I’m just getting to this today since the family came down to do a few days at Disney World after OTTC. I hope I still understand my notes!

  2. This is great stuff, Lori. Thanks for posting!

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