5 Tips for a Successful WCQI 2011

These are simple yet effective tips to ensure that you have a great World Conference.

1. Bring your business cards in your carry on luggage.
Who’s had the pleasure of having your bags lost by your airline carrier? Even better when you realize that your stack of business cards was in that bag. Am I the only one raising my hand? I don’t think so. Make sure to bring a nice stack of business cards to exchange at WCQI.

2. Get the Linked in app for your iPhone.
Use the In Person feature to connect instantly with nearby LinkedIn users. Fast and efficient, this is a great way to network in the 21st century. (And might help if you run out or lose those business cards)

3. Make it a goal to meet at least 5 new people at the conference, and follow-up with them afterwards.
Whether this is your 1st or 15th conference, make it a point to move outside your comfort zone and meet new people. The Division sponsored Monday evening hospitality suites are a perfect opportunity to network with others in the quality profession. And it doesn’t do a lot of good for you or your new connection if you don’t do a little follow-up post-conference. Make it a point to schedule time on your calendar for performing the follow-up (as we all know how slammed we get when coming back from a few days out of the office)

4. Keep your focus on the conference in order to get the best value out of the conference.
Make plans to delegate critical tasks while you are out of the office. If you must answer work emails, then try your best to do so early in the morning before the conference starts. Otherwise you’ll find yourself standing out in the hall, or worse yet scrolling through messages while in a session. Remember this is an investment in


5. Ask questions during the sessions.
Most sessions allow for some Q&A time. This is your opportunity to ask industry respected SME’s for their insight and advice. This is a prime opportunity to tap into their knowledge, and even add some of them to your professional network!

See you at WCQI 2011!

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2 Responses to 5 Tips for a Successful WCQI 2011

  1. David Couse says:

    Great advice. I was surprised to see how many people exchanged their business cards at the last 2 Conferences I attended. I’ve got a stack of business cards already for this conference in my laptop bag. The WCQI conferences are some of the best conferences I’ve attended in my career.

  2. Muthu says:

    In Person feature- I did not such a thing existed in LinkedIN.
    This is a great idea to connect.


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